Thursday, July 09, 2009

[HA-17] Ville Moskiitto: Vallankumous nyt

Soundtrack for a new revolution. A big hunk o'noise. Hang them all & play it loud.

1. Vastuunvälttäjä
2. Menetetty maa
3. Myrskyn silmään
4. Suden aika
5. Lumisokea

Cd-r, printed/handcrafted sleeve, insert, anger & violence.

[HA-16] Ville Moskiitto: Jos jostain täytyy puhua

Slow-boiling psychedelic guitar excursions.

1. Kuninkaallinen saattue saapuu Samarkandiin
2. Hapankaali-Henriksson
3. Varjot veden yllä
4. Vedän verhon sen eteen
5. Satu sokeasta miehestä, pilvien keisarista ja hiirestä
6. Vapauden kaihosta

Cd-r, printed/handcrafted sleeve, insert.

[HA-15] MD Howser: More Phat Beats

The BOY WONDER is back!!! Bigger but not better!!! Same old stupid BEATZZ!!! Same old stupid BREAKDOWNZZ!!! Get on the dancefloor and wave your arms like you JUST DON'T CARE!!!

1. Baby Take Your Vitamin 2. Pretty Fly 3. Rock Won't Save You From Religion 4. Pimp-Style Management
5. Give Smack a Chance
6. Frontin'
7. Let It Flow
8. Herpes
9. Miuzi Don't Weigh Shit
10. Have You Got Anything To Say To That?
11. I Gots To Boogie, Yo!

Cd-r, printed sleeve and NO BLING!!!

[HA-14] The Insane Birds: The Insane Birds

I can feel my mind is going...

1. Soothing Sounds for Disorderlies
2. Schizophrenia and the Book of Changes
3. Valse melancholie

3" cd-r, printed sleeve.

[HA-13] Ville Moskiitto: Death of the Proletariat

Reductionist electric guitar improv. Dedicated to the working class, R.I.P.

1. 14031883
2. 05081895
3. 21011924
4. 21081940
5. 15011919
6. 11091973
7. 18121932
8. 19061876
9. 19011865
10. 17111858

Cd-r, printed sleeve.

[HA-12] Ville Moskiitto: Things You Are Not Eager To Touch

Experimental electronic sounds.

1. Tavallaan täytät mieleni
2. What the dead men say
3. Katolla, tai ennen kattoa
4. Slight return
5. Vuusit

Cd-r, printed sleeve.