Sunday, August 03, 2008

[HA-8] Ville Moskiitto: In Fine Style - 4-track Recordings 2003-2004

Handcrafted happiness, tape hiss, song sketches and murky guitar excursions from the not-so-distant past.

1. Burning
2. Morning, Soul or Goodbye
3. Soultaker Blues
4. Fat Chance
5. Matkoja kuolleiden mailla
6. Cherry Blossom Tree
7. More Beautiful Than Today
8. Sä oot noita
9. The House

[HA-7] MD Howser: Phat Beat Farming

THE FUTURE IS NOW! a.k.a. is it the 20th century already? Retarded tekkno-beats and total regressive electronica from the boy wonder MD Howser.

1. (I Ain't No) Rocket Man
2. Who Let the Dawggs Out
3. A Short History of Time
4. Calcutta Homies
5. Waiting for the 'A' Train
6. Goldfingah
7. Weapons of Mass Seduction
8. Bitches Need to Chill
9. Matlock Smackdown
10. Krakheadz